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The most common cause for knee pain is Arthritis, an inflammation of the joint. There are two primary types of arthritis in the knee: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease which wears away the “cushioning” cartilage in the joints. Learn more>


I was referred to Dr. Shifflett to treat my shoulder several years ago. As I progressed with that treatment, I started talking to him about my hip. Initially, Dr Shifflett prescribed a course of physical therapy which helped me manage the hip pain, and make adjustments in the way I moved to put less stress on my hip. It worked for a while and enabled me to put-off surgery until I felt ready.

I like to stay pretty active so hip replacement was inevitable to return me to all my daily activities. Dr. Shifflett predicted about a 6 week “complete” recovery and I beat that by actively participating in physical therapy – both right after surgery, and continuing at Synergy (the Queen) until I had regained full mobility. Today I’m pain-free with no hip issues, and I attribute that to Dr. Shifflett’s surgical skills and his focus on me as an individual, involving me in my treatment program to produce the best results.”

Peter Darm, Napa
Total Hip Replacement