Computer-Assisted Total Knee Replacement

Understanding Computer-Assisted Total Knee Replacement

We perform the majority of our knee replacements using a computer-assisted device because of 3 potential advantages: Less invasive, Added Accuracy, Less blood loss.

Less Invasive Knee Replacement Procedure

With the computer-assisted technology, the guides to place the knee replacement require less bone violation. In general, the less damage to the normal structures in the body, the less healing that needs to occur to complete your recovery.

Added Accuracy

There are a variety of ways that a surgeon will assess your knee replacement at the time of surgery to ensure accurate sizing, position, and balance of the knee joint. The computer-assisted technology gives an added checking mechanism to help ensure that the ideal position is obtained for your knee. Accurate positioning is known to directly correlate with improved outcomes and maximize the lifespan of the replacement.

Less Blood Loss

The femur bone (top part of the knee) has a central canal where the bone marrow lives. In traditional knee replacement, this canal must be entered to secure the guide for placement of that part of the knee replacement. With computer-assisted technology, the guide is secured externally to the bone, never entering the canal which displaces bone marrow and may lead to increased blood loss. Increased blood loss during or after surgery can lead to an increased need for transfusion of blood products.

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