Comprehensive Knee and Hip Care

At Napa Valley Joint Replacement Center, our commitment to comprehensive care begins with your initial consultation and continues throughout your treatment. Our team of specially-trained, experienced staff is with you every step of the way, ensuring you receive the most technologically advanced, individualized care.

Napa Valley Orthopaedics DoctorWhat Makes Napa Valley Joint Replacement Center A Recognized Leader?

1. We are committed to providing non-operative care options if appropriate for each patient before recommending surgery.

2. We offer unparalleled access to your doctor and his team, throughout your course of treatment. Our open communication with patients fosters strong relationships that enable us to best understand your individual needs.

3. We take our time to personally-tailor your treatment, from nonoperative care to surgery and rehabilitation. Ours is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

4. We engage each patient as an active member of our joint care team. Your active participation throughout your treatment helps us to ensure a successful outcome.

Napa Valley Joint Replacement teamknee replacement recoveryWhen it is time for surgery, your Napa Valley Joint Replacement team – including your surgeon, medical assistant and scheduler – will guide you from pre-surgical orientation classes through post-op care. During hospitalization, your surgeon will communicate closely with you, your family and all members of your healthcare team. Prior to your discharge, we will arrange for home care, assistive devices and post-operative occupational and/or physical therapy. Our team approach to managing your treatment enables you to focus on rehabilitation and recovery.

We perform joint replacement surgeries at Queen of the Valley Hospital in Napa.


I have always had a very active life style and was growing increasingly frustrated when painful and undependable knees forced me to restrict my activities. Both my husband and I had been referred to Dr. Diana for other problems and we were very impressed with his confidence and competence. I was surprised when he suggested he could replace both my knees at one time but it turned out to be a great decision since it I was back to my old life style in the shortest possible time.

From pre-surgery to final rehab, the care I received from Dr. Diana and Queen of the Valley Hospital was exceptional. I knew what to expect during and after the surgery and was able to recover very quickly. A day after my surgery the physical therapist had me walking on my new knees. Within a half-week I was climbing stairs and after two weeks I was walking “normally” again. I consider this nothing short of a miracle. I believe that Dr. Diana’s skills, complemented by his caring personality, made it all possible.”

Dolores Wilson, Napa
Bilateral Knee Replacement

I was living with everyday hip pain at about level 6 with frequent spikes to 9+ (on scale of 1 to 10.) It was the worst when I went from lying or sitting down, to getting up and moving. I undertook non-operative care on my own, including chiropractics and accupuncture, and both provided temporary relief but the hip pain returned within a few days.

I researched online and found Napa Valley Orthopaedics website, read about Dr. Shifflett and his experience, and the orthopaedic program at the Queen Hospital. My first meeting with Dr. Shifflett, I recognized that I was not just merely another surgery and he has a genuine personal interest in my outcome. I appreciate his dedication and it’s reflected in his work. I called him at 7pm one night after I’d come home from the hospital with a question on my medication. Dr. Shifflett returned my call within 20 minutes… that level of commitment is exemplary.

I was an active participant in my physical therapy, and the results show. Today I live my active ranch lifestyle pain-free. I ride my horses, walk, bike, whatever I want or need to do. The difference is dramatic – having hip surgery may have been one of my best decisions to date.”

Stephen Sloane, Hidden Valley Lake
Total Hip Replacement