Robotic Technology & Customized Surgical Planning


Technology has impacted many facets of al of our lives. Given the precision and accuracy required to perform surgical procedures well, it is not surprising that joint replacement surgeons have sought technological advances to enhance their ability to perform these procedures too. Our joint replacement surgeons utilize a robotic system for the majority of knee replacement surgeries.

While joint replacement can be performed successfully by many techniques, robotically-assisted surgery allows the surgeon several potential benefits:

  • Additional pre-surgical planning capabilities
  • Removal of the least amount of bone necessary to successfully complete the procedure
  • Providing an objective measure of the tension of ligaments about the knee
  • Providing data to confirm the final alignment and balance of the knee
  • Robotics can allow the surgeon a more “customized” approach for each patient.

Customized Surgical Planning

KinomaticĀ® custom surgical planning provides the surgeon with 3D modeling of the joint to be replaced. This 3D modeling is performed before the actual surgery to allow a customized plan to be developed based on each patient’s unique anatomy. A high-resolution CT scan is performed over a few minutes to create the 3D reconstruction. Al powered software is then utilized to convert this information to an exact model of the patient’s anatomy to within fractions of a millimeter. This information is then used to take multiple measurements, analyze alignment and orientation, and provide the surgeon information about optimal sizing and fit for each patient. A3D virtual reality plan is provided to the surgeon to assess and approve before surgery is ever performed. This allows for a more streamlined plan and less trial and error during the actual procedure.

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