About Napa Valley Joint Replacement

Recognized leaders, committed to you.

Experience counts. Technology matters.

Personalized care is essential.

With over 30 years combined experience in advanced hip and knee treatment, Doctors Diana and Caravelli combine their subspecialty expertise with modern minimally invasive techniques and leading technology in conducting more than 400 surgeries per year with proven patient outcomes and longterm results.


Our commitment to providing an individualized treatment plans for each Napa Valley Joint Replacement Center patient is reflected in our practice philosophy:

  1. Assess each patient thoroughly
  2. Develop a personalized treatment plan
  3. Select the highest quality implant based on individual patient needs
  4. Avoid economic conflicts-of-interest that can lead to poor medical decision making
  5. Be attentive to individual patient needs before, during, and after the surgery
  6. Maximize doctor-patient communication throughout treatment

Meet the Surgeons

Dr. John N. Diana, M.D.

Joint Replacement – Hip and Knee

Dr. Michael Caravelli

Joint Replacement – Hip and Knee

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