Outpatient / Same Day Joint Replacement

With current techniques and technologies, the majority of hip and knee replacements can be performed safely as an outpatient. Less than a decade ago, both hip and knee replacements were considered “inpatient-only” procedures. In fact, at that time, the average length of stay in a hospital following joint replacement was 3-4 days. In addition, a significant number of patients would lose enough blood during the procedure that they would need a transfusion of blood after surgery.

Improvements in techniques and technologies have markedly improved our ability to:

  • Reduce operative time
  • Reduce blood loss
  • Mobilize patients sooner (typically within an hour or two after the procedure)
  • Control postoperative pain better
  • Provide more consistent outcomes for patients.

Some of the improvements that have contributed to this include:

  • Improved pain control with “regional” blocks and local anesthetics
  • Enhanced surgical planning techniques to potentially reduce operative time
  • Use of robotics and other technologies to improve precision and reduce variability
  • Surgical approaches that involve less cutting of tissue
    • “Quadriceps-sparing” approaches knee replacement
    • Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) hip replacement
    • “Mini” Posterior Approach hip replacement
  • Special medications that reduce bleeding
  • A greater number of implant options to allow more customization of the procedure
  • Reduction in the need for catheters and drains

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