Bilateral Knee Replacement

Understanding Bilateral Knee Replacement

Having both sides replaced on the same day is called “bilateral” replacement surgery. In many patients, both knees are equally or nearly equally affected with arthritic or other degenerative conditions. When determining whether a patient is a candidate for bilateral knee replacement, we look at each joint individually. If you are determined to be a candidate for replacement of both knees, then bilateral replacement is a viable option.

Having both knees replaced on the same day is a good option for those who do not want to undergo the surgery and postoperative rehabilitation twice. There is also evidence to suggest that the cumulative risks associated with bilateral knee replacements is less than the cumulative risks associated with having two surgeries on two different days.

Bilateral Knee Replacement Advantages

  • One rehabilitation period
  • One anesthesia
  • Potentially less cumulative risk
  • Potential participation in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit

Bilateral Knee Replacement Disadvantages

  • Increased potential for the need of blood products postoperatively
  • Potentially more difficult rehabilitation in the first few weeks

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