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“I had constant pain in my hip and had stopped doing a lot of my daily activities. After two years, my son convinced me to see Dr. Diana. It was the best thing I ever did. He explained how the anterior hip replacement would spare my muscles and lead to a faster recovery. The day after surgery I walked across the room, and within weeks I was walking ‘normally’ again. I’m back to enjoying life and my wonderful great-grandchildren – and I’m a much sought-after dance partner at our weekly dances!”

Arnold Koenig

Napa, Anterior Hip Replacement

“In 1990, Dr. Shifflett did a carpal tunnel release on me. In 2001, I broke my shoulder and he successfully treated me, so when my knee flared up he was my first choice. We started with physical therapy and then supplemented with injections and anti-inflammatory medications – this all worked well for a period of time. Eventually the pain became unbearable and Dr. Shifflett recommended knee replacement.
When asked about knee surgery I say – “Yes, it hurts but it is well worth it because I’m able to live my life again!” Dr. Shifflett and the nurses and physical therapists at the Queen did a great job of preparing me, so I knew what they expected of me. I was back to my regular activities within a month, with no pain.”

Erin Lindke

Napa, Total Knee Replacement

“I was already dealing with severe back and neck pain when my first knee began giving me trouble.It got to the point where it was painful to stand, let alone walk. Dr. Shifflett first used non-operative care which helped greatly with the pain but in time I needed knee replacement. Dr. Shifflett and the staff at the Queen were amazing – walked me through every step of the joint replacement process, and really prepared me for what to expect.

Following surgery, the Queen physical therapy staff had me walking almost immediately, and eventually doing my physical therapy in the pool which I prefer – it’s more fun and you’re weightless! It all went so well, and I recovered so quickly, that when my other knee needed to be done a year later, I had no fears and Dr. Shifflett was right there with me. The same was true the year after that when one of my hips needed to be replaced, again Dr. Shifflett and the Queen guided me through it. And the same will be true when my other hip goes…. And I feel fully prepared!”

Diane Sarant

Napa, Total Knee & Hip Replacement

“My right knee had grown worse over the years to the point where I couldn’t kneel down or get up easily. When I first started seeing Dr. Diana, he gave me injections that lessened the pain. After a while the injections stopped working and I knew it was time. Dr. Diana explained how using computer navigation helps him make the most accurate measurements, resulting in successful knee replacement.

I believe Dr. Diana’s surgical skills and then my commitment to post-surgery rehab quickened my recovery. Dr. Diana had me using the CPM machine immediately after surgery and I stuck with it – and am now back to doing all the things that I want to do.”

Angela Pieper

Napa, Computer Navigated Knee Replacement

“Knee pain started in my mid-forties, and I delayed surgery thinking I was too young. When it became unbearable, I saw Dr. Diana for his experience and expertise. He said I came in just in time as I’d worn ½ inch off my tibia. Dr. Diana replaced my knees at the same time, and given my results I only wish I’d done it sooner.

As a nurse, I’m on my feet 8 hours a day. Now I am back to biking to work, taking care of patients and having fun with my family.”

Cheryl Borgo

Napa, Bilateral Knee Replacement

“The cartilage in my left knee was pretty much worn out. The knee was bowing out quote a bit, and I would have to shift my weight off of it to keep it from licking up. My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Shifflett as she felt it was time for an orthopaedic specialist to take a look. I met with Dr. Shifflett and he explained what was going on, he discussed my options and recommended total knee replacement as the best solution.

The surgery and my recovery were pretty seamless. I stayed in the Queen for two days and worked with the physical therapist there, then went back home and in-room therapy here until I was able to do it on my own. My knee feels great now. The pain is gone and I’m back to doing everything I used to do, including working in the mail room. It seems it is now time to look at my right knee, and I have every confidence that Dr. Shifflett will ‘fix’ that one too.”

Harry Devorak

Yountville, Total Knee Replacement

“I have always had a very active life style and was growing increasingly frustrated when painful and undependable knees forced me to restrict my activities. Both my husband and I had been referred to Dr. Diana for other problems and we were very impressed with his confidence and competence. I was surprised when he suggested he could replace both my knees at one time but it turned out to be a great decision since it I was back to my old life style in the shortest possible time.

From pre-surgery to final rehab, the care I received from Dr. Diana and Queen of the Valley Hospital was exceptional. I knew what to expect during and after the surgery and was able to recover very quickly. A day after my surgery the physical therapist had me walking on my new knees. Within a half-week I was climbing stairs and after two weeks I was walking ‘normally’ again. I consider this nothing short of a miracle. I believe that Dr. Diana’s skills, complemented by his caring personality, made it all possible.”

Dolores Wilson

Napa, Bilateral Knee Replacement

“I was living with everyday hip pain at about level 6 with frequent spikes to 9+ (on scale of 1 to 10.) It was the worst when I went from lying or sitting down, to getting up and moving. I undertook non-operative care on my own, including chiropractics and accupuncture, and both provided temporary relief but the hip pain returned within a few days.

I researched online and found Napa Valley Orthopaedics website, read about Dr. Shifflett and his experience, and the orthopaedic program at the Queen Hospital. My first meeting with Dr. Shifflett, I recognized that I was not just merely another surgery and he has a genuine personal interest in my outcome. I appreciate his dedication and it’s reflected in his work. I called him at 7pm one night after I’d come home from the hospital with a question on my medication. Dr. Shifflett returned my call within 20 minutes… that level of commitment is exemplary.

I was an active participant in my physical therapy, and the results show. Today I live my active ranch lifestyle pain-free. I ride my horses, walk, bike, whatever I want or need to do. The difference is dramatic – having hip surgery may have been one of my best decisions to date.”

Stephen Sloane

Hidden Valley Lake, Total Hip Replacement

“I was referred to Dr. Shifflett to treat my shoulder several years ago. As I progressed with that treatment, I started talking to him about my hip. Initially, Dr Shifflett prescribed a course of physical therapy which helped me manage the hip pain, and make adjustments in the way I moved to put less stress on my hip. It worked for a while and enabled me to put-off surgery until I felt ready.

I like to stay pretty active so hip replacement was inevitable to return me to all my daily activities. Dr. Shifflett predicted about a 6 week “complete” recovery and I beat that by actively participating in physical therapy – both right after surgery, and continuing at Synergy (the Queen) until I had regained full mobility. Today I’m pain-free with no hip issues, and I attribute that to Dr. Shifflett’s surgical skills and his focus on me as an individual, involving me in my treatment program to produce the best results.”

Peter Darm

Napa, Total Hip Replacement

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